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By on Dec 14, 2011

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There will be no more sport bettingresurrections of Patrick Valenzuela’s career as he decided to hang up the racing boots in a career that spanned 33 years and for all the problems he has had, the fans and some online sports betting enthusiasts loved this guy, can learn from his career and will miss him the most.

Near constant pain in his knees and a recent gall bladder operation were the straws that broke P Val’s back and just like any superior athlete and even at 49, retirement will not be an easy pill for him to swallow.

Sunday Silence was his break out horse as he won two thirds of the Triple Crown with the Charlie Whittingham trainee. He also won 7 Breeders’ Cup races including the visually amazing score in 1991 by Arazi in the Juvenile.

The maligned rider has been suspended more often then some people change their socks. He out distanced former Los Angeles Dodgers pitched Steve Howe in days lost by suspension by the length of the stretch. But no matter how many things went wrong, no matter how many drug tests he failed, no matter how many days he just didn’t show up, he was embraced by owners, trainers andsports betting websites fans alike when he did get back into action.

He continually had a smile on his face, would often win with his first mount back and even at his advance age, was still a top-10 rider in one of the toughest jockey colonies in the world.

Many in the game will sit down and tell you that he had the ability to be one of the best ever. And that is beyond The Shoe, and the Pirate, Laffit Pincay, Jr. and some of the other greats.

Horses just ran for him. The same way they did for Kenny Black before that rider had his own personal demons jump up and get him.

Patrick would put horses where they belong and he always seems to coax just a little more from them down the lane. It is kind of like a nuclear power war. If you don’t use him as a trainer, the other guys at the barns will and they just might have the deciding edge. If you do use him, you will be advising your owners that this is the guy to take them and their stock to the promised land if he can show up to work.

As a sportsbooks handicapper, you had to factor him into the pace game plan more than any other rider probably in history. If a bettor was looking to take a swing on a runner that appeared to be the lone speed, but P Val was on another horse, he could change the complexion of the race just by allowing his mount to gun early and therefore hurt the chances of the apparent lone speed.

The final stats will read 4,333 races won and money earned by his mounts of nearly $164 million but they don’t come close to telling the true saga of one of the most talented chauffeurs in the history of the sport.

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