2011 Travers Stakes

The King’s Bishop May Just Be More Interesting than the Travers Stakes this Year

Although it sounds like a move from a grandmaster level chess game, the King’s Bishop is actually a Grade 1 thoroughbred race. The King’s Bishop is a flat sprint over seven furlongs and has been run since 1984. It...

By on Jul 14, 2011

2011 Travers Stakes Update

Excitement is starting to build with a little over six weeks to go until the next elite thoroughbred event. This year’s Travers Stakes will be even more critical than usual in selecting the 2011 champion three year old horse-...

By on Jul 06, 2011

The Travers Stakes: The Next Big Thing

With the Triple Crown season at an end it might appear that most of the high points of the elite racing season are over. However as Bodog Beat racing expert Steve Davidowitz pointed out there is any number of...

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